NON-Profit Events 

Events are crucial for the sustainability of non-profit organizations.

1. Events provide a forum for strategic BRANDING

2. Foster ongoing COMMUNICATION with donors, sponsors, and stakeholders

3. Generate REVENUE for operational expenses and most importantly - the cause. 


Tempo Event Consulting specializes in really listening to understand the needs of the staff, board, donors, sponsors, volunteers. We understand the importance of utilizing  CREATIVITY to keep EXPENSES LOW while maximizing the IMPACT.


Every non-profit is unique and has the opportunity to CONNECT and ENGAGE with the right audience. Our goal is synonymous with our passion – to provide a love for event management to maximize the money raised for worthy causes.

Top (5) Reasons to hire an Event Manager (Consultant).

   1. You are looking to host one or more new events to your fundraising line-up.

   2. You have a small but powerful team but not enough capital to hire a full-time events person.

   3. You need advice on how to give your current events a new spin and increase donors.

   4. You have a gap in employment but need a temporary event manager to run your next event.

   5. You have really strong fundraisers and need someone to cover event logistics.

Bringing you 15 years experience managing events for non-profit organizations

  • Social Events: Fundraising Galas, Cocktail Receptions

  • Sport Events: 5K, Golf Tournaments and Fishing Tournaments

  • Art Events: Art Exhibits and Designer Show House Events

  • Auctions: Silent, Live and Online Auctions

  • Crowdfunding Events

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